Chickpea, November’s legume!

Easy to grow and nutritious, chickpea is a choice culture… at least for mediterranean people, since it doesn’t really like cold!   What is chickpea? From the legume family, chickpea is the cousin of small peas. Round in shape and beige in color, it is very fragrant and does not...
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Sorghum, Cereal of October

When the grain humidity reaches 25% comes harvest time. According to experts, the best time would be the first 10 days of October. What is Sorghum ? Sorghum is a cereal grain that originated in Africa about 5000 years ago. In India it is known as jowar and it...
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Josh,creator of Cuisine Soleil’s Kimchi, reveals his secrets

Owner-founder-executive chef of Green Tables Food, Josh was convinced by Marc Paquin to become Cuisine Soleil’s Kimchi and Kraut Extra’s manufacturer. His secret resides in a few words : quality, sustainability, flavor, health, innovation and interest. How did you meet Marc? “In September 2014, he tried to call me...
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Berry bad things

I have always been skeptical about the Goji Berry. In fact, my skepticism applies to all those “Superfoods”, supposedly coming from magical places such as the pure environment of Tibetan mountains. This is the reason why you will never encounter Goji Berries, macca or chia in Cuisine Soleil products:...
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Millet, cereal of August

When comes the end of summer, millet plants start drying, and their stems become darker. When they are sundried, the grains slip easily from their capsules : it’s harvest time! What is millet? Millet is a food grain, less demanding and hardier than its cousin, sorghum. Origin: Millet is...
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The « gluten free trend »

Since the « gluten free trend » started to strongly impact the market, many comments have been made about it. Numerous journalists, bloggers and nutritionists started stating anything and everything. Among these statements, a particularly recurrent one promotes the idea that a gluten free diet could be dangerous because it could...
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