Marc Banner Since the beginning, and until now, Cuisine Soleil is devoted to offer a wide range of quality gluten free foods possessing the highest nutrition value.

The choice I offer you is the one I make for my family. Organic food is the most viable alternative, for our planet and our personal health. As of today, I still do my share of field work, at different levels of the rural and agricultural worlds, and I am confident about the alternative I offer to our clients.

It’s not a matter of making a superior or better decision; it’s about making a well-thought-out one. Food is a universal right; it implies that we are allowed to ask for a healthy one, free of pesticide and genetically modified organisms. We have the right to ask for sustainable way to feed ourselves. We have the right to bring plurality into our plates.

In this paradoxical world, where there had never been a widest range of healthy and organic products on the market and, mainly because of poverty and bad habits, obesity and diabetes are skyrocketing and hunger still touches a billion human beings, Cuisine Soleil provides a choice to the consumers.

Cuisine Soleil products need few resources to grow, and are minimally processed. Our agricultural raw materials are grown by farmers that manage the riches of their soils by doing crop rotations, a sustainable way to maintain fertility on the short and long terms.

We offer you the alternative to support this sustainable way of life, but the choice is ultimately in your hands, and must be made every single day.

We thank you for your trust, and guarantee your satisfaction towards our products, now and forever. We guarantee it, because we know that eating habits are probably the most important choice a human being has to make for the future of mankind, and the future of the Earth.

Kindest regards,