A few weeks ago, my beautician offered me some new gluten free products. I didn’t really understand too well how gluten could have an effect on cosmetics. I had never heard of the impact of gluten on the skin.
What effects could the gluten content in cosmetics have on our intestinal walls? Are there people who have skin reactions with gluten?
With these questions bothering me, I pushed my research more, and I present here my finds!
The “gluten free” labels are more numerous on our grocery shelves.
Marketing recovery phenomenon? Possibly, when you see the economic success of this food habit and its benefits with maintaining good health. Moreover, some celebrities such as tennis player Novak Djokovic or actress Zooey Deschanel no longer hesitate to adopt, and even promote this lifestyle.


According to sources, these reasons have pushed the great cosmetics houses to jump on the bandwagon .
Celiacs, who are sensitive to cross-contamination, must therefore be wary of lipsticks and lip gloss. Yes! Because by painting the lips , you end up absorbing a good amount of these products!
To avoid this, here are some suggested brands . Most of them bear the “gluten free” logo on the label.


Lip Balm

  • Almay (property of Revlon)
  • Green Beaver (lip balm)
  • Marcelle brand specializing in hypoallergenic products (lipstick)
  • Maybelline New York
    • Color Sensational lipstick
    • Color Sensational lip gloss
    • SuperStay 2 step 24 Hour
    • Shine Sensational lip gloss


As for shampoo, and his close friend bubble bath, choosing gluten free could be beneficial for small children because there is a good chance they’ll ingest a good amount during their bath!


Top 5 Gluten Free Shampoos

  1. Kirkland Signature
  2. Dove Damage Therapy
  3. Dermorganic Daily
  4. Fairy Tales Rosemary Reminder
  5. Paul Mitchell Awapuhi


Bubble Baths

  • Belcam Therapy Kids’ Body Wash & Shampoo
  • Pur hypoallergenic foaming Druid
  • Green Beaver


It is always possible to read the ingredients of your personal products, but you risk not understanding it because several components are listed in Latin, such as Avena sativa for oats or vulgar Triticum for wheat.


Although research on the subject is in its infancy , according to some experts there is no fear of using cosmetics that contain gluten .
In contrast, the Canadian Association of Celiac Disease says you should avoid all contact with mucous membranes . Do not hesitate to check your lipstick and lip gloss .
Whatever you decide , always stay alert to the signals your body sends you !


PS : I made an amazing discovery of gluten-free products. The list is endless !!!!!!! http://health.marksandspencer.com/uploads/pdfs/Gluten.pdf


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