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Quinoa, April’s pseudocereal


In the northern hemisphere, it is advised to sow in April, before high temperatures come disrupt germination of this Andean plant used to extreme climate. What is Quinoa ? Formerly [...]

Quinoa, April’s pseudocereal2018-07-24T00:55:16-04:00

Cassava, March’s Shrub


Its leaves are edible, but it is mostly appealing for its roots tubers, with their white and compact flesh and that can measure up to 80 cm!   Origin [...]

Cassava, March’s Shrub2018-07-24T00:56:41-04:00

Chickpea, November’s legume!


Easy to grow and nutritious, chickpea is a choice culture... at least for mediterranean people, since it doesn't really like cold!   What is chickpea? From the legume family, chickpea [...]

Chickpea, November’s legume!2018-07-23T21:04:48-04:00

Sorghum, Cereal of October


When the grain humidity reaches 25% comes harvest time. According to experts, the best time would be the first 10 days of October. What is Sorghum ? Sorghum is [...]

Sorghum, Cereal of October2018-07-23T21:05:12-04:00

Buckwheat, September’s pseudocereal


When the grains contained in the akenes start to darken and harden, Buckwheat is ready to be harvested ! What is buckwheat? Despite the name , buckwheat has no relationship [...]

Buckwheat, September’s pseudocereal2018-07-23T21:05:57-04:00

Millet, cereal of August


When comes the end of summer, millet plants start drying, and their stems become darker. When they are sundried, the grains slip easily from their capsules : it's harvest [...]

Millet, cereal of August2018-07-23T21:06:40-04:00
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