I have always been skeptical about the Goji Berry. In fact, my skepticism applies to all those “Superfoods”, supposedly coming from magical places such as the pure environment of Tibetan mountains.

This is the reason why you will never encounter Goji Berries, macca or chia in Cuisine Soleil products: on my own table, blueberry, strawberry and raspberry reign.

Several times a year, I stride among the ethnical grocery stores of Toronto, searching for inspiration for new products. Every time, I tend to have a laugh when I see the price of those little fruits and berries they sell for almost nothing, when the same products are sold at prohibitive costs in specialized stores.

I have always questioned myself about Goji, a food praised by specialists for its almost-miraculous virtues. Since 2006, American authorities started to blame some companies producing them for two main reasons: undocumented health claims and lie about their geographical origin.

Why did those companies start doing that? It is simply easier to sell mystical Tibetan berries that cure cancer than acidulous fruits grown in the Chinese province of Niangxa, more than 2500KM away from Lhasa.

It is blueberry season in our boreal forests, now is the time to treat yourself to some really healthy and local food!

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