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The « gluten free trend »


Since the « gluten free trend » started to strongly impact the market, many comments have been made about it. Numerous journalists, bloggers and nutritionists started stating anything and everything. Among [...]

The « gluten free trend »2018-07-23T20:29:54-04:00

Water Detox for Better Health


I’ve been trying for some time to stop drinking coffee in the morning ( because I put industrial quantities of the hazelnut delight in and it is really not [...]

Water Detox for Better Health2018-07-23T20:30:22-04:00

PDD and Gluten


Between writing these blogs and working as a micro- brewery entrepreneur , I also work in Special Education . I love working with people with intellectual disabilities , especially [...]

PDD and Gluten2018-07-23T20:31:47-04:00

Kale, the Vegetable of the Day!


You 've probably heard a lot about this ancient leafy green lately. It has virtually thousands of virtues and benefits . On my part, since trying it it has [...]

Kale, the Vegetable of the Day!2018-07-23T20:31:32-04:00

Apprentice Gardener


The joy of putting your hands in the earth, to be in touch with this wonderful resource so essential to our survival. I suddenly feel invaded by peace and [...]

Apprentice Gardener2018-07-23T20:32:41-04:00

My Vegetarianism


Last year, after reading up on the topic extensively, I decided to become a vegetarian. To be honest it was… well…. a monumental failure! Despite my best intentions and [...]

My Vegetarianism2018-07-23T20:33:03-04:00

Happy Gluten Free Easter!


As with all holidays and events of the year , I wonder what new challenges I’ll face for Easter , since gluten is also found in sweets like chocolate. [...]

Happy Gluten Free Easter!2018-07-23T20:35:09-04:00



After all of the very specific information of the past few weeks, this week I give you a blog entry that’s a bit shorter, but no less pertinent.   [...]

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