When comes the end of summer, millet plants start drying, and their stems become darker. When they are sundried, the grains slip easily from their capsules : it’s harvest time!

What is millet?

Millet is a food grain, less demanding and hardier than its cousin, sorghum.


Millet is an ancient grain native to China. This tiny grain has been cultivated in the basins of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers for nearly 10 millenia. Millet won the Sahel because of its robustness and ability to grow in an arid climate without irrigation or fertilizers, although it does give a low yield. It is an indispensable ally in the war against hunger.

Millet Flour ?

With a unique smell and taste, millet flour is effective for replacing wheat flour with its versatility, the quality of its proteins, as well as its health benefits.

Health and nutrition:

Rich in copper, manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium, millet is alkaline and easy to digest.