Today I don’t have a recipe for you because I don’t even have the energy to make myself eat… Am I the only celiac who feels like they’ve been run over by a freight train every time they get the flu? It really kills me. In addition to looking like death and having no energy while I have the flu, I spent all last winter clutching a box of tissues to my poor little red nose…

But I have to confess that I have discovered the potential reason… My nutritionist explained to me that my intestines can only absorb about 20% of the vitamins and nutrients that I eat. Even with an excellent diet it’s impossible for me to have normal absorption rates (around 75%-80%). She recommended that I take extra strong multivitamins. Seeing as I have next to no short term memory, I completely forgot to take them consistently.

So now, as I lay here stricken on the sofa, all I can do is clutch my multivitamins and Vitamin C supplements (to boost my immune system). This way, maybe sometime soon I’ll be able to leave my beloved tissues at home on the table. I also think from now on I’ll keep my vitamins in my bag and set an alarm on my phone so I don’t forget to take them.

In the meantime, wish me and all other celiacs good luck for the winter!