As you can tell from my title, I intend to discuss the contradictions regarding oats (wheat free oats, gluten free oats, pure gluten free oats, etc.) . During my research on this subject , I plunged into some very complex but highly interesting reading. I can tell you that gluten and its companions are anything but simple.


What I understand is that before dissecting oats and their special status, you must first have an understanding of grains and glutens . So first of all let me explain what specifically gluten is and then we can talk about oats.


Ok, I’ll quickly go over the serious stuff. All grasses contain their own proteins ( prolamins and glutamines ) and starch (sugar). Prolamins component proteins are known as ” gluten .” In other words , each grain has its gluten because each grain has its own proteins to it. However, only certain gluten proteins are harmful to those who are gluten intolerant. These are found in gluten enemies ROWB (R for rye, oats for O , W for wheat, B for barley).


I think it’s really important to understand thge science of this illness . I hope this introduction on grasses and their scientific properties has helped you have learn a little bit more about gluten. Next time I’ll go into more detail about oats!  :)