Since the « gluten free trend » started to strongly impact the market, many comments have been made about it. Numerous journalists, bloggers and nutritionists started stating anything and everything. Among these statements, a particularly recurrent one promotes the idea that a gluten free diet could be dangerous because it could provoke dietary deficiencies.

Initially, there is a real need for healthy gluten free products, on the part of people affected by Celiac disease and other gluten intolerants.

Those naturally gluten free foods have always been part of our diets: how many Canadians have been fed with buckwheat pancakes, long before shops massively started to open gluten free sections?

We would like to clarify certain things. Cuisine Soleil doesn’t promote the gluten free diet blindly. The only thing we do is offering flours amongst other organic foods, which answer a real demand. Our flours are made with whole grains, and are much more nutritious than the traditional bleached wheat flour most consumers use on a daily basis.

In fact, there is less risk for someone to have nutritional deficiencies if they bake with our buckwheat, millet or chickpea flours than with conventional flour.

Every gluten free products are of course not on the same level in terms of nutrition. Most of them are composed of processed corn and white rice, which are in no way nutrition champions. And it is from this observation that Cuisine Soleil was born!

The choice of quality foods must not start by reading the nutrition facts label: numbers remain numbers; we can make them say what we want. Our ultimate choice must be guided by the quest of quality ingredients, and of the least number of ingredients possible, especially in simple products such as flour.

On this particular point, we challenge any consumer to state loudly that Cuisine Soleil’s products aren’t « healthy » or nutritious!

Marc Paquin, CEO & founder, Cuisine Soleil