Still adapting to technology?

I definitely am!

And for gluten free cooking it can be just as practical.

With a simple search on the Apple App Store, I found a useful little app called “find me gluten free”.

I particularly like this application because it’s really easy to use, useful, and free!

I’ll explain to you the different tabs on this app and all the things it allows you to do!

Happy reading!

Firstly, on the home page you can see different gluten free news! New product announcements, articles, research, and plenty more.


In the LOCAL tab:

On vacation I always have trouble finding fast food style restaurants that work with my gluten free diet. However, this application locates restaurants closest to you and tells you if they have a gluten free menu. You also have access to the restaurants’ websites (if they have one). You can also search for a restaurant by its name and verify if they offer a gluten free menu. Basically it’s a GPS of gluten free restaurants! This permits you to discover new restaurants in your neighborhood! You can also add destinations you know about that aren’t currently in the app. For remote regions like mine (Abitibi) there were no listed restaurants in “find me gluten free”, however I really enjoy adding them myself when the opportunity arises. In addition, people often leave comments about their personal experiences in different locations.



Here you have all the fast food restaurants that offer gluten free options as well as more reviews. There are over 30 chain restaurants enrolled here.


In the RECIPES Beta tab:

You have access to different recipes from the app “yummly”. Yummly is an app with different recipes that are gluten free and/or vegetarian or vegan.


In the DINING tab:

This gives general information about gluten intolerance. It also helps you brush up on foods you should avoid depending on where you are!


In the PRODUCTS Beta tab: For gluten free novices, this tab makes it easy to research ingredients or products to check if it gluten free or not. Note that the application is only in English, but it is possible to leave comments in French (as I myself did).


I think all celiacs should have this application on their smartphone because it really helps make your life a bit easier!

This application is definitely my favorite because it encompasses many other existing applications.

I haven’t tried any of the recipes on the app myself yet, but I invite you to share with me how any of your attempts turn out!