I’ve been trying for some time to stop drinking coffee in the morning ( because I put industrial quantities of the hazelnut delight in and it is really not healthy .. ) . OMG, I have never thought it would be so difficult. At that point, I felt tired and more or less unhealthy. Also, I wanted to lose a few pounds for the summer, as any woman in the world I’m sure (without delight I’m sure I’ll lose 1 pound/week). So after having decided this, I noticed this great instagram suggestion : drink water to detox in the morning. Small, simple and effective as well as an inexpensive remedy. Depending on the mixtures that we do, we find different benefits . The principle is simple.


You take a container or buy bottled water.
You cut fruits and herbs drop them in.
You let steep overnight and you drink it all when you awake . You can leave less time depending on what flavor intensity you want. Just try to play around, but it is recommended from five to eight hrs. Your stomach being empty in the morning, water activates your digestive system and cleanses your colon which helps your body to more quickly integrate the water nutrients.
And then if you really are not able to hold yourself back,  like me,  you drink coffee. Tea is even better .
You can drink all day if you want, but its benefits are best in the morning


I present you some mixing ideas:


To balance your PH, detoxify, and increase your metabolism:

blueberry + lemon + cucumber


Vitamin C, regulate sugar levels, and relax

orange + cinnamon stick + vanilla pod


Reduce pressure , maintain a good immune system and increase blood flow to the brain

pear + raspberry + rosemary


Regulate blood sugar, antioxidant

pomegranate + orange + cinnamon stick + Jamaican Bay chili


Healthy skin

lemon + strawberry + apple slice + cinnamon + mint


Vitamin C, improve digestive health

orange + lime + mint


This method of hydration is really interesting, because due to the good taste of the water , we are more likely to drink it and this encourages us to drink less juice or other drinks containing refined sugar. Also, drinking water in the morning is amazing for the body, but is even more so when you add fruit and spice. I assure you, it’s a good habit to pick up in life ; ) In addition , when living with digestive problems, it is more advantageous to detox drink water to give a boost to our digestive health.


PS: I always drink coffee, but I left the Delight behind ! Finally, I appreciate its taste on its own . Vive black coffee !