As with all holidays and events of the year , I wonder what new challenges I’ll face for Easter , since gluten is also found in sweets like chocolate. So I wrote a small list of chocolates that are certified gluten free.


So, here are my findings:


– Premium chocolate : a US product offering chocolate without milk that is also egg-free , peanut-free and gluten free.


– Chocolat des pères trappistes : These Mistassini chocolates are free of peanuts or nuts, gluten and eggs. You ‘ve probably seen their little chocolate hens in grocery stores.


– Kinder : Yes, some Kinders are gluten free ! Such as Kinder Surprise – Kinder Maxi – Kinder Choko -Bons . However, make sure to regularly look at the list of ingredients because these big companies can change the ingredients without notice!


– Zebra Zero : They offer products in the shapes of animals for children. These chocolates are fair, vegan , organic and gluten free. On their website , you can see the retailers who carry them in store. Otherwise, you can always order online.


– Les aliments Ange-Gardien: This is a Quebec company which serves bunnies and chocolate eggs. All their products are free of nuts , peanuts, eggs , dairy, sesame seeds, and bovine proteins. They are on sale in Quebec and Ontario. On their website , you can see the point of sale or purchase online.


To facilitate your findings , go to your local organic store or market. You’ll be more likely to find products without allergens. Or , look at the homemade chocolate shops in your area.


IMPORTANT: If you take the risk of eating chocolate that is not certified , check the back of the label, where they will have listed “traces” . If it is marked ” nuts ” or other cereals, leave it on the shelf, because the nuts have at least small traces of gluten. For example, Nestlé and Lindt clearly contain trace amounts of gluten . I strongly suggest choosing a gluten-free certification.


Other things:


– Aliki also provides a list of the most common commercial gluten free chocolates ; chocolate bars , tablets , chocolate fondue , truffles , etc.


– Enjoy Life : Their chocolate chips are sold without soy , peanut and gluten ! Ideal for a chocolate fondue or to make chocolate desserts for a special occasion! A nice alternative that is healthy and sweet ! You can find their products in several stores, but it is also possible to order online .


So feel free to indulge your sweet tooth this Easter , as there are many alternatives available to you . But above all, take the opportunity to spend time with family.


Happy Easter!


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