You ‘ve probably heard a lot about this ancient leafy green lately. It has virtually thousands of virtues and benefits . On my part, since trying it it has become a staple part of my diet. I just put it in everything! It can be eaten raw, cooked or blended in smoothies !

Personally , I love smoothies in the morning, so I add it to my morning blends. I recently read that the stomach can more easily absorbed nutrients when they are pureed . The body expends less energy to liquefy food, so the food is directly absorbed through the intestinal villi . So for celiacs or others with intestinal diseases , it is suggested to eat smoothies, soups , etc. The juicer becomes our favorite kitchen tool . I can’t yet afford this luxury, but that day will come eventually (juicers are very expensive, usually $ 100 to $ 300). I also learned that it is beneficial to chew food very thoroughly in order to have better absorption.

As for kale, it is loved by consumers and farmers alike , since it grows almost anywhere and it requires very little maintenance. It can grow in weather up to -15 degrees Celsius. This is very favorable for a cold place like Quebec. Besides which, in the summer we can procure various kinds from our local farmers, such as green or purple varieties of cabbage.

As specified above, this cabbage is full of good virtues. Here is the nutritional value for a cup of raw kale:

Rich in vitamin C : 134% Recommended Daily Intake

Vitamin A and K: 206 % 684 % A and vitamin K. Two antioxidants that help to maintain good bone health and aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Vitamin B; B1, B3 and B6

Contains several minerals like iron, magnesium , phosphorus, copper and potassium .

Calcium: 9 % of the recommended daily intake

Good source of protein : 2.2 grams per serving . ( for a vegetable that’s a lot )

Indole-3-carbinol : a molecule that helps fight cancer cells and helps metabolize estrogen.

Low in calories : 30 calories

Protects the immune system


I love this cabbage because it is tasty and can be eaten in many different ways. In fact I often make kale chips with it! I find that it tastes a bit like spinach. Conversely, once cooked, it retains more of a rigid texture. However, by putting it in a vinaigrette 20 minutes before cooking or before eating as a salad it will soften. In addition to all these qualities, it keeps for very long time in the refrigerator – up to 2 weeks or more!

So for a good boost to the system, adding kale to your meals can only be good !

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